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“Micro” Breast Implants: The Shape of the Future?

New Jersey breast augmentation surgeon weighs in on "micro" implants.

A neurosurgeon performing cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills announced a patent for a new implant type to be used during breast implant surgery. A few sources are hailing the “micro” implants as the next stage in breast implant evolution, but I’m skeptical of their proposed advantages. Possible Benefits of the “Micro” Implants Dr. William Brennan’s approach involves creating an implant…

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Breast Augmentation: Why the Facility Matters

By: Evan S. Sorokin, M.D., FACS Breast augmentation patients at my New Jersey practice always have lots of questions — and that”s a good thing. It”s important for all surgical patients to educate themselves so that they can make sound decisions for their health and well-being. Although questions about implant types and recovery time are common, questions about the surgical…

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Playing Sports After Breast Augmentation

By: Evan S. Sorokin, M.D., F.A.C.S. I often have patients ask me whether they can resume contact sports after breast augmentation in New Jersey. Although there is some risk of implant rupture, I usually tell my patients that they can enjoy all of the sports they played before their procedure. However, I usually recommend that they refrain from strenuous activities…

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Breast Augmentation after 50?

By: Evan S. Sorokin, M.D., F.A.C.S. It”s easy to think that breast augmentation in New Jersey is only for younger patients. However, I have performed this procedure for adult women of varying ages who have been thrilled with their results. Breast augmentation is a perfect procedure for correcting a variety of concerns related to aging breasts, such as loss of…

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The Facts on Herbal Breast Enhancement Products

Some of the women who come to see me for breast augmentation in New Jersey at one point explored “natural” breast enhancement. They thought that they could find a healthy, comfortable, and inexpensive solution to underdeveloped breasts, but the reality is that herbal remedies are just plain ineffective. As a doctor, I”m frustrated to see so many women disheartened by…

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