No Time for Downtime? A Soft Lift™ May Be the Solution

Mon, Jan 16, 2012

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By: Martin Braun, M.D.

Sun exposure, gravity, stress and pollution can all impact your skin. If you’ve considered a face lift in Vancouver but lack the significant downtime for that surgical procedure, it’s important to know about alternatives. For example, I use Soft Lift™ to treat people with multiple signs of aging, who may not have the time or be ready for a surgical procedure.

Soft Lift is a procedure that offers the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® XC. By combining these treatments, I can “turn back the clock” to provide women and men with more volume and smoother skin.

The secret behind the success of Soft Lift is its ability to simultaneously treat multiple areas of the face at once. Patients can correct tired-looking skin on the entire face for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Unlike surgery, Soft Lift requires absolutely no downtime, making this an ideal treatment option for women and men with active lifestyles.

Treatment begins with evaluating each patient carefully, then developing a plan to achieve my patient’s aesthetic goals. The best way to determining whether a treatment such as a SoftLift is right for you is to call our office for a consultation.

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